Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Generation Y Is Taking Over the Business Workforce

Individuals who were born among the years of Generation Y are also known as Millennials. The retirement of Baby Boomers has continued to increase, causing higher numbers of Millennials to be recruited and involved in the workplace. A large number of businesses have not fully adapted to Generation Y employees because their characteristics differ greatly compared to earlier generations. Businesses need to embrace the new changes so that all employees can bring their best qualities to the table.

Common Characteristics of Millennials

One of the biggest factors that set apart Generation Y employees is that they are extremely technologically savvy. They had the opportunity of growing up alongside the technology boom so they have adapted to learning almost everything about different technological devices. This is a major advantage for them because businesses are utilizing and depending on multiple types of technology on a daily basis. Other characteristics of millennials include that they desire flexibility, appreciate feedback, are self-directed, hard-workers, and they are more comfortable with diversity in the workplace. All of these attributes can be very beneficial for every type of business operating today.

The Workplace Must Adapt to Satisfy the Increase in Generation Y Employees

According to Deskmag, “this global generation is 375 million strong and by 2025 will make up 75% of the workforce.” By that time, it is crucial that businesses have altered enough in order to provide the majority of the workers with the best conditions possible. Millennials are being selective as ever when it comes to choosing what company they plan to work for because it is essential that they are not only happy, but they can attain the proper balance between their job and all other aspects of their life. Companies definitely need to look into increasing flexibility, social interaction, and innovative environments to satisfy current and future employees. 


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